The TalentGrow Show: Grow Your Leadership and Communication Skills

Are you a leader who is always looking to take your game to the next level? Maybe you’re new to leadership or aspiring to become a leader? This podcast is for self-motivated and growth-oriented current and future leaders who want actionable, results-oriented insight and advice on how to take their leadership, communication, and people skills to the next level and become the kind of leader people *want* to follow.
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Dec 22, 2015

As she wraps up her first year of podcasting on The TalentGrow Show, Halelly Azulay looks back and shares her story of how the podcast got started and the three biggest leadership lessons she has learned that can apply to any leader as they think about their goals and their work. Halelly gets up-close-and-personal and shares the behind the scenes stories, fears, concerns, hopes, and dreams she has experienced as a newbie podcaster and suggests lessons that you can immediately apply and benefit from. She also makes a personal request for a couple of tiny, quick favors at the end - will you be one of the listeners who will grant her these easy wishes? Listen, enjoy, respond, and share!

Dec 8, 2015

Connecting online can be both more or less authentic, depending on your approach. But in the 21st Century, we have many new opportunities to connect with more and different people in a different way than ever before because of how we can create content online. We can leverage these opportunities to share more of ourselves, to be more thoughtful about how we share about ourselves, and build amazing connections and networks. In this episode, Halelly Azulay chats with Michael D. Simmons, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and internationally-acclaimed speaker who is a world-class connector of people and ideas who loves to research, synthesize, and share ideas about building relationships in the 21st century. We also talk about how contexts collide online, creating new challenges for managing our personal brands and calling on us to become more holistic and authentic so that we’re not trying to put up a front or share the wrong things in the wrong contexts. Michael also shares the fascinating concept of the “expert generalist” or “broker” as a massively effective way for professionals to accelerate their career success (by 65%!) and increase their own learning and the value they offer to their employers, employees, and clients. With so many people focusing on being seen as a specialist or expert, this counter-intuitive approach can be a powerful one to consider tapping into.

Nov 24, 2015

This week in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving. Therefore, the TalentGrow Show episode this week is a special one all about gratitude. Did you know that studies show that people who practice mindful gratitude (like keeping a gratitude journal) are 25% happier? In this shorter solo episode, Halelly Azulay will teach you how to try keeping a gratitude journal and writing a gratitude letter. These are just two examples of many kinds of habits that you can develop to become more grateful and, as a result, actually become happier.

Nov 10, 2015

Have you become "lost in your own mind"? Many of us are so bombarded by distractions (external AND internal) that we find ourselves being controlled by our meandering mind instead of in control of it. Halelly Azulay talks to author Sir John Hargrave about lessons he's learned the hard way and shares through his new book, Mind Hacking, about how to develop the ability to go into super-user mode and get an 'admin user' passcode for your own mind. In this fast and funny episode, learn how to regain the lost art of concentration for greater focus, daily habits you can easily cultivate to get control of your daily deluge of to-do's, and hear John's personal story of how he learned this the hard way and why you probably don't need to (if you listen to this podcast and follow his tips). Plus you'll hear how John got the 'Sir' title (but it's not what you think). Check it out and share it with your friends, colleagues, and family!

Oct 27, 2015

All of us are both leaders and followers. While we often focus on how to lead, author, speaker, workshop presenter and innovative thinker Ira Chaleff has focused his career on the beneficial use of power between those who are leading and those who are following in any given situation. Ira chatted with TalentGrow Show host, Halelly Azulay, about ways in which we can all become more courageous followers and why there are times when we should all choose the path of intelligent disobedience. Taken from the lexicon of guide dog training, Ira introduces the term Intelligent Disobedience to fit our model of leadership and followership in organizations, societies, and families. Based on his latest book of the same name, Ira talks about when we should feel the responsibility – even the obligation – to speak up and push back to those in power, because it is the right thing to do and it helps our leaders avoid big, possibly hurtful, mistakes. And Halelly and Ira discuss the important ways in which, as leaders, we can create the kinds of cultures that supports courageous followership. This episode will expand your view of leadership, courage, and living in a principled way and leave you deeply inspired.

Oct 13, 2015

Do you sometimes feel stuck or frustrated with your own and your business or team’s growth? Lots of leaders experience this, which is why they need a triangle of trusted advisors, says entrepreneur, author, and EOS Implementer Jonathan B Smith. Halelly Azulay, host of The TalentGrow Show, chats with Jonathan about who exactly these three trusted advisors are and how everyone listening needs them. Jonathan shares very practical and actionable advice about how to scale this idea to any situation and budget, and how his new book, Optimize for Growth, can help you assess where to start and how to proceed. They also discuss the most common mistake leaders make and ways to avoid it, and Jonathan’s takeaway tip that you need to implement right away, at your very next meeting, to make a significant positive impact on your effectiveness.

Sep 22, 2015

In her work around the globe as an executive coach and leadership expert, Dr. Marcia Reynolds has seen some common challenges that leaders face. Halelly Azulay, host of the TalentGrow Show, and Marcia discuss these common challenges and ways to overcome them using a coaching approach. Marcia is one of the world’s leading coaches and a leader in the coaching industry. She shares ideas that can help leaders expand their employees’ capacity to do more and be more and why she suggests they push people into the discomfort zone. You’ll learn why and how to challenge people in ways that create breakthroughs and lead to lasting behavioral change. In the last few minutes, Marcia also provides a practical and actionable tip that every leader (current and aspiring) can use to upgrade their leadership competence.

Sep 8, 2015

Do you want to become more resilient in the face of all the change and chaos of our daily lives nowadays? On this episode of the TalentGrow Show podcast, executive coach and resilience expert Doug Hensch takes a break from writing his book on resilience to share with host Halelly Azulay some of his key tips on how to develop greater resilience as a leader, both in yourself and in your team. They discuss Doug’s interesting career journey and major shift (and what book catalyzed a huge change for him), as well as lots of insights and stories that bring to life some of the research from the world of Positive Psychology that you can apply to the world of work. Be sure to check out Doug’s “front door and back door” strategies that he shares at the end of the episode to help you become more resilient, starting today!

Aug 25, 2015

It seems that everyone loves to hate on performance reviews and performance management. But the reason is most leaders (and organizations) do them wrong. Are you one of those leaders? Find out in this light and fast conversation between the host of The TalentGrow Show, Halelly Azulay, and her guest Marnie Green, CSP. Marnie is a leadership development expert, speaker, and author who specializes in performance management and has published two books on the subject. She speaks all over the world, helping leaders improve the quality and outcomes of their performance conversations. Listen to discover the most common mistakes leaders make in performance conversations and specific suggestions for how to avoid or fix them. You’ll also learn the challenges facing many leaders regarding giving ongoing performance feedback and why some employees resist feedback. Marnie shares what the youngest members of the workforce REALLY want and gives a great actionable tip at the end that you can implement in your very next workplace conversation with any employee or peer. Give it a listen and leave a comment with your thoughts! And don't forget to leave us a rating and/or review on iTunes - thank you!

Aug 11, 2015

Do you want to enhance your communication skills? Would you like to be known as a thought-leader to accelerate your career and success? Communication and leadership expert Alexia Vernon speaks with Halelly Azulay about how she has found success doing just that, and how she teaches others to do the same. Learn how to become a better speaker, presenter, and communicator and how to be better as a leader by connecting with your audience and showing your true self in an impactful way. Be sure to check our Alexia's free video training by clicking the link in the shownotes, and leave a comment about your insights and feedback.

Jul 28, 2015

In this episode of the TalentGrow Show, host Halelly Azulay talks with Shannon Polly, MAPP, ACC, a leadership development consultant and an expert on executive presence and positive psychology. The light and funny conversation will give you great insights about why character strengths are important and how to leverage them using Shannon’s new book, Character Strengths Matter. You’ll learn about how Shannon blends her acting background with her depth of research into happiness and wellbeing into her work with organizations like the army and corporations, and her unique ways of teaching people to leverage their strengths and become more productive and organizations more profitable. Shannon shares three great actionable suggestions that can immediately give you results in your performance and happiness, but also information about how you can keep challenging yourself and keep learning from her and others to continue that improvement and keep those great results coming.

What you’ll learn:

• How bringing your strengths to your leadership work is so important and how Shannon has co-edited a new book that will help you do it
• What cool new twist Shannon has added to her book that will help your work on your strengths and improve both your leadership skills and team effectiveness
• Discover how character strengths are actually ubiquitous across cultures and across time (did you know that the same strengths that are most prevalent in the US are actually highest all around the world?)
• Which character strengths are most (and least) prevalent all around the world?
• How can you develop your strengths with the help of Aristotle, Oprah Winfrey, and Mother Theresa?
• Why is acting 'as if' is good for learning?
• What is somatic work and how Shannon taps into it in her coaching work?
• What was the amazing and deeply meaningful work that Shannon did with the U.S. Army to create measurable results in resilience, happiness, and leadership readiness?
• Why the science and research on positive psychology can sway both hardened army sergeants and business people to value and seek more training on it
• Why it all comes down to relationships in business and leadership, and why leaders and organizations need to invest in their people
• What secret homage does Shannon make to me (Halelly) in her book?
• What is the problem with authenticity and how our definition of it is limiting our development
• What's Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and why should you GO THERE?
• Shannon shares a free strengths challenge that starts on August 17th as well as an upcoming certificate program in applied positive psychology that is in multiple cities and coming to Washington DC in the fall of 2015.
• Get not one but three different takeaway actions you can implement to ratchet up your habits, achieving mastery, and increasing your happiness (it's not what you think!)
• What’s the unexpected indirect connection between doing nice things for others and feeling happy?

Jul 14, 2015

Get tons of insights and ideas from this conversation between The TalentGrow Show host, Halelly Azulay, and The Dynamic Communicator, Jill Schiefelbein, for how to improve your workplace communication skills as a leader and team member. Jill shares her own journey from teen motivational speaker to university instructor, to media coach, to keynoting and her current role helping businesses solve problems through dynamic communications. Jill and Halelly discuss ways to build trust, increase credibility, and avoid damaging your credibility unintentionally. Jill describes how you can create commitment on your team by communicating in a way that is supportive, proactive, authentic, genuine, and transparent. She diminishes the fear many leaders have around being vulnerable and sharing credit. Jill also shares the counter-intuitive secret to getting promoted and the key technique she used to teach athletes to prep them for media interviews that can help corporate leaders create team commitment and generate better results. Take a listen!

Jun 23, 2015

Ever feel frustrated because the people you work with don’t seem to be on the same wavelength or speak the same language? Ann Herrmann-Nehdi helps you crack the code of leading in a whole-brain kind of way. She’s a world-renowned author, thought leader, keynoter and researcher whose work specializes in the practical application of neuroscience, learning and ongoing thinking research. In her conversation with The TalentGrow Show’s host, Halelly Azulay, Ann talks about why the brain is one of our most important and most overlooked business tools. She describes what she means by “Whole-Brain Thinking” and why we all need to become more deliberate in our thinking. In fact, Ann shows us how we can, and should, think more like a CEO (she has researched more than 9000 of them, so she knows). Ann discusses common thinking errors, offers stories about how to overcome them, and suggests a super actionable and essential mindhack that every one of us must incorporate to improve our leadership skills.

Jun 9, 2015

Episode 6 of the TalentGrow Show features Halelly Azulay's conversation with speaker, author, creativity expert and innovation consultant Gregg Fraley. They discuss whether creativity can be taught (yes!), how important it is to ensure awareness and diversity of creative styles on your team, and ways to leverage the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) model to increase the quality and divergence of your ideas for solving important business problems. Gregg and Halelly also chat about the surprising connection between creativity and conflict, the $4 billion secret you can learn from chocolate peanut butter to create exciting breakthroughs, and the cool product called “IdeaKeg” that his company, Kiln, has been sending clients like General Mills to increase their creativity and innovation (and why Halelly totally wants one). Get ready to harness your own and your team’s creative powers by learning the best tricks and tips from Gregg on this podcast episode!

May 26, 2015

Halelly Azulay talks with award-winning organizational development consultant, prolific author, sought-after speaker, and “Trainer’s Trainer”, Elaine Biech. We discuss the relationship between generosity and career success, Elaine’s four step formula for achieving total focus for those really important, deep-dive types of projects, and the three huge workplace trends that Elaine sees in our next five years that every leader and employer must pay attention to. Elaine also shares her two key actions that leaders must take to ensure they’re ready to succeed in our fast-moving world of work. Plus, learn about the insane number of books Elaine has authored and edited, why work-life balance is dead and what replaces it, and the surprising age at which organizations are currently beginning to develop leaders (it’s too old!).

May 12, 2015

In this episode, I speak with my colleague Larry Gioia, an IT Consultant and Advisor with one of the world's largest professional services firm, PwC. Larry is an inspirational role model you can really learn from. Not only is he a top leader in his firm – he was selected to participate in a special development program only available to the top 5% firm leaders globally -- he is also a successful people manager, a 'road-warrior' business traveler who usually works in a different state and is only home on the weekends. Yet, Larry manages to have a very rich life outside of work: he's a serial entrepreneur who has several side business and a an active volunteer and community builder. Plus, he manages to have an active and rich leisure and family life on top of it all, and stays positive and productive! I was so inspired by Larry that I wanted to share his advice and secrets with all of you. He doesn't teach people to be successful and balanced leaders - he models it with his actions! Learn from a leader who is walking the talk every day.

Apr 28, 2015

In this episode of the TalentGrow Show, Halelly Azulay interviews Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, a Certified Professional Coach, Best-selling Author, Media Personality, and Keynote Speaker and Teacher. Caroline is an expert in the fields of empowerment, change, well-being and the science of goal accomplishment. Listen as Caroline shares insights about the secret to happiness, how we're doing goal-setting all wrong and what to change about it, and ways to increase our success and daily 'wins' by becoming more gritty. You'll walk away with actionable insights and ideas that you can apply to your own life and work to transform your satisfaction and effectiveness!

After listening to this engaging and lively conversation, you'll find out:

* What's the one piece of happiness research that rocked Caroline's world and changed the course of her life and career forever
* What we have all wrong about goal-setting and what to change about it
* A magical little exercise that will create a profound impact on your happiness and success in just 20 minutes a day
* Why the self-esteem movement is a huge failure that has created a bunch of narcissists and sociopaths, and the secret to creating REAL growth
* Why you should stop trying to be a different person at home and at work
* What you're going to really remember when you look back on your life and how to make more of those memories
* Why the concept of 'grit' has been watered-down and how to become truly more gritty, even if you're not that gritty now (and why being successful is not necessarily correlated with being gritty)
* The one question Caroline loves to ask everyone and which people always answer instantly, without blinking an eye
* The relationship between risk and regret and the way to make important life decisions to avoid regret
* What you need to do every day to create daily 'wins', and
* What is the Top 10 List that Caroline has on her radar as part of her big, scary, gritty personal goals.

Apr 14, 2015

Halelly Azulay interviews Dr. Beverly Kaye, an internationally-recognized authority on career development, employee engagement, and retention and best-selling author of numerous books. Learn the one small idea about leadership that ANY manager and leader can use to make a huge difference in employee engagement and retention. Why are so many leaders afraid of applying it? Bev will teach you really practical and specific techniques for overcoming those fears. 

Topics covered include:
• The "stay interview" - and a glimpse into Dr. Kaye's brand new book, Hello Stay Interview, Goodbye Talent Loss: A Manager's Playbook
• What employees crave from their leaders!
• The common fears managers have about using this approach and how to overcome them
• The four steps for dealing with tough requests from employees (and why step 4 should have blinking lights on it)
• Managers are busier than ever. This one small idea can really make a great difference!
• What surprises Bev the most about the current approach of many leaders and organizations to employee engagement and her suggestion for correcting it or at least learning more from it
• An exercise you can do tomorrow on your way to work to improve employee engagement right away!

Mar 15, 2015

Scott Eblin, co-founder and president of The Eblin Group Inc., is a sought-after executive coach, speaker, and author. Halelly Azulay speaks with Scott about the challenges that leaders face when they take on too much and become overworked and overwhelmed. Scott provides practical suggestions for ways leaders can reverse the negative side-effects of our "do more with less," hyper-connected world, based on his book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative. It's a personal mission for Scott, who shares his story of set-back and recovery and research-backed strategies to help anyone feeling "crazy-busy" (and who isn't?!). See the shownotes on our website at  Intro/outro music: "Why-Y" by Esta.